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Week 2


08:53 AM

Fantasy Transactions
Week #1 09/07/04
BEARS Dropped RB Pittman,Michael (TB)
BEARS Picked Up RB Jackson,Steven (STL)
CARDINALS Dropped WR Morton,Johnnie (KC)
CARDINALS Picked Up WR Fitzgerald,Larry (ARI)
EAGLES Dropped WR Bates,D'wayne (---)
EAGLES Picked Up TE Winslow,Kellen (CLE)
PANTHERS Dropped RB Betts,Ladell (WAS)
PANTHERS Picked Up RB Dayne,Ron (NYG)
EAGLES Dropped WR Gardner,Talman (NO)
EAGLES Picked Up RB Jones,Julius (DAL)
Texans Dropped FB Schlesinger,Cory (DET)
Steelers Dropped WR McCaffrey,Ed (---)
Steelers Picked Up RB Minor,Travis (MIA)
Texans Picked Up RB Jones,Kevin (DET)
Raiders Dropped WR Stokes,J.J. (---)
Raiders Picked Up WR Williams,Roy (DET)
Browns Dropped RB Williams,Ricky l. (---)
Browns Picked Up RB Bell,Tatum (DEN)
Bills Traded TE Yoder,Todd (JAX) to Jaguars
Jaguars Traded TE Clark,Dallas (IND) to Bills
Jaguars Dropped TE Yoder,Todd (JAX)
Jaguars Picked Up WR Colbert,Keary (CAR)
GIANTS Dropped WR Parker,Eric (SD)
GIANTS Picked Up WR Williams,Reggie (JAX)
RAMS Dropped WR Dyson,Kevin (---)
RAMS Picked Up TE Troupe,Ben (TEN)
COWBOYS Dropped WR Jacobs,Taylor (WAS)
COWBOYS Picked Up WR Clayton,Michael (TB)
Patriots Dropped TE Sharpe,Shannon (---)
Patriots Picked Up TE Clark,Desmond (CHI)
SEA HAWKS Dropped TE Fauria,Christian (NE)
SEA HAWKS Picked Up TE Mili,Itula (SEA)
LIONS Dropped WR Davis,Andre' (CLE)
LIONS Picked Up WR Jenkins,Michael (ATL)
Colts Dropped WR Boerigter,Marc (KC)
Colts Picked Up WR Stokley,Brandon (IND)
Broncos Dropped TE Lewis,Chad (PHI)
Broncos Picked Up TE Gates,Antonio (SD)
Bengals Dropped WR Caldwell,Reche (SD)
Bengals Picked Up WR Givens,David (NE)
FALCONS Dropped RB Mack,Stacey (---)
FALCONS Picked Up WR Finneran,Brian (ATL)
FALCONS Dropped WR Finneran,Brian (ATL)
FALCONS Picked Up RB Moore,Mewelde (MIN)
Titans Dropped WR Galloway,Joey (TB)
Titans Picked Up WR Luke,Triandos (DEN)
49ERS Dropped TE Conwell,Ernie (NO)
49ERS Picked Up WR Woods,Rashaun (SF)
Chiefs Dropped RB Jackson,James (CLE)
Chiefs Picked Up WR Davis,Andre' (CLE)
Chargers Dropped RB Hollings,Tony (HOU)
Chargers Picked Up RB Fargas,Justin (OAK)
SAINTS Dropped TE Johnson,Teyo (OAK)
SAINTS Picked Up TE Williams,Boo (NO)
REDSKINS Dropped TE Dunn,Jason (KC)
REDSKINS Picked Up RB Perry,Chris (CIN)
Ravens Dropped RB Canidate,Trung (---)
Ravens Picked Up RB Jones,Greg (JAX)
EAGLES Dropped RB Griffin,Quentin (DEN)
EAGLES Picked Up WR Galloway,Joey (TB)
Texans Dropped TE Ricks,Mikhael (---)
Texans Picked Up RB Griffin,Quentin (DEN)
Steelers Dropped RB Droughns,Reuben (DEN)
Steelers Picked Up WR Washington,Kelley (CIN)
GIANTS Dropped RB Gary,Olandis (---)
GIANTS Picked Up RB Smith,Emmitt (ARI)
Ravens Dropped TE Weaver,Jed (---)
Ravens Picked Up WR Gage,Justin (CHI)
Texans Dropped TE Kleinsasser,Jim (MIN)
Texans Picked Up WR Morton,Johnnie (KC)
Steelers Dropped WR Looker,Dane (STL)
Steelers Picked Up WR Finneran,Brian (ATL)
Patriots Dropped WR Sanders,Frank (---)
Patriots Picked Up WR Berlin,Eddie (TEN)
Broncos Dropped TE Jones,Freddie (ARI)
Broncos Picked Up RB Goodspeed,Joey (STL)
Chargers Traded WR Randle El,Antwaan (PIT) to Ravens
Ravens Traded WR Gage,Justin (CHI) to Chargers
PACKERS Dropped WR Patten,David (NE)
PACKERS Picked Up WR Gabriel,Doug (OAK)
Texans Dropped WR Morton,Johnnie (KC)
Texans Picked Up WR Patten,David (NE)
Ravens Dropped RB White,Jamel (TB)
Ravens Picked Up RB Mahe,Reno (PHI)
Dolphins Put WR Boston,David (MIA) on Injured Reserve
Dolphins Picked Up WR Morton,Johnnie (KC)
Dolphins Put WR Morton,Johnnie (KC) on Taxi Squad
PACKERS Put RB Shipp,Marcel (ARI) on Injured Reserve
PACKERS Picked Up FB Tapeh,Thomas (PHI)
PACKERS Put FB Tapeh,Thomas (PHI) on Taxi Squad
Bengals Put RB Buckhalter,Correll (PHI) on Injured Reserve
Bengals Picked Up FB Anderson,Richie (DAL)
Bengals Put FB Anderson,Richie (DAL) on Taxi Squad
Patriots Dropped RB Redmond,J.R. (OAK)
Patriots Picked Up RB Blaylock,Derrick (KC)
Browns Dropped WR Gilmore,Brian (MIA)
Browns Picked Up WR Terrell,David (CHI)
Colts Dropped RB Mungro,James (IND)
Colts Picked Up RB Rhodes,Dominic (IND)
Broncos Dropped RB Anderson,Mike (DEN)
Broncos Picked Up RB Pittman,Michael (TB)
Raiders Dropped TE Jolley,Doug (OAK)
Raiders Picked Up TE Stevens,Jerramy (SEA)
SEA HAWKS Dropped WR Lee,Charles (TB)
SEA HAWKS Picked Up WR Bannister,Alex (SEA)
COWBOYS Dropped RB Cloud,Mike (NYG)
COWBOYS Picked Up WR Evans,Lee (BUF)
Week #2 09/14/04
Chiefs Put WR Smith,Steve (CAR) on Injured Reserve
Chiefs Picked Up WR Caldwell,Reche (SD)
Chiefs Put WR Caldwell,Reche (SD) on Taxi Squad
EAGLES Put WR Galloway,Joey (TB) on Injured Reserve
EAGLES Picked Up TE Lewis,Chad (PHI)
EAGLES Put TE Lewis,Chad (PHI) on Taxi Squad
Texans Put WR Rogers,Charles (DET) on Injured Reserve
Texans Picked Up WR Campbell,Kelly (MIN)
Texans Put WR Campbell,Kelly (MIN) on Taxi Squad